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The Condemned King: Mark 15 and the Doctrine of Penal Substitution

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In order to establish the doctrine of penal substitution we are not dependent on a few isolated proof-texts here and there in Scripture. The doctrine is woven indelibly into the very fabric of the account of the crucifixion, with numerous threads drawn from the Old Testament. continue

Why I Chose to Preach on Job

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"You're not going to preach right through Job are you? This is going to be so depressing!" Such, at first, was the reaction of one or two of my congregation at the church door on Sunday morning after I began a series of twelve sermons working through this great book. Not the most encouraging of beginnings, it should be said. Neither did those comments do much to allay some of my own fears. continue

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

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A Million Miles in a Thousand YearsBy Donald Miller288 p.Thomas Nelson (September 2009)Donald Miller has a fascinating ability to engage readers as he reflects on the journey of his life.  I first noticed this in Blue Like Jazz, later when... continue

Celebrating the Death of Meaning

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It has been a good couple of months for the celebrating of life at memorial services. First, there was the celebration of Michael Jackson's life and then there was Ted Kennedy, enfant terrible turned elder statesman. Both men, in their different ways, were proof positive that, in modern America, you only need to love your own kids and then at some point die in order to atone for any sins you may have committed against other people's beloved sons and daughters. continue
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