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Packing Unforgiveness

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I've been thinking recently about something television star Kelsey Grammer said. It's not because I saw a rerun of Cheers. Unfortunately, the context is tragic. Grammer has me thinking about well intentioned people who end up "packing unforgiveness." continue

Do We Have Free Will?

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Non-Christians and Christians alike often give the same answer to difficult questions like these: Why did God allow sin in the first place? Why does God save some people and not others? Why does God send people to hell? Why can living like a Christian be so frustrating? The immediate solution often suggested is simple: "free will." continue

The Theology of John Calvin

Article by   August 2009
The Theology of John CalvinBy Charles Partee376 p.Westminster John Knox (October 2008)If all's well that ends well, then all is well with this new study of Calvin's theology.  Which is to say, I find myself in agreement  with much of... continue

Ecclesial Theology and Academic Theology: Why We Need More of the Former

Article by   August 2009
But what is ecclesial theology? It is, I would suggest, more than ecclesiology; and defining it over and against academic theology is a start, but more needs to be said. Earlier this year, I was hired as the part-time executive director of The Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology (SAET), an evangelical organization dedicated to assisting pastor-theologians in producing biblical and theological scholarship for the renewal of the church. continue

Pro-Choice not Pro-Options

Article by   August 2009
Recently, a friend quoted John Kennedy to me: `To lead is to choose.' It is not a quotation that I have been able to verify, but whether Kennedy said it or not, it is surely a piece of brilliant insight into the nature of leadership. continue
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