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The Epic of Eden

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In other words, if Christians are going to better understand the revelation of God in the NT they must also grow in their understanding of the OT, for it is all God's word. continue

Justification: Understanding the Classic Reformed Doctrine

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The reader may be pardoned for thinking that all that could be said about justification has been said. But the reader would be wrong. John Valero Fesko, pastor of Geneva Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Woodstock, GA and adjunct professor of theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta, has penned an encyclopedic treatment of the doctrine that is well worth the time and effort to digest. continue

Samuel Rutherford for the 21st Century Part II

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Being called to the small, obscure parish of Anwoth did not give Rutherford an opportunity to take it easy and get by with only minimal effort, which has no doubt been a temptation to many ministers in similar conditions. continue

Unlocking Romans

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Unlocking Romans is a revision of the author's doctoral dissertation. Kirk, recently appointed as assistant professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary, claims sympathies not only with the scholarship of E. P. Sanders and N. T. Wright, but also with the biblical-theological projects of Geerhardus Vos, Herman Ridderbos, and Richard B. Gaffin. Kirk applies this attempted synthesis of the NPP and conservative Reformed biblical theology to the question of the role of the resurrection in Romans. continue

Messiahs Pointing to the Door

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The list of American idiosyncrasies could go on: the American penchant for men's shoes with tassels that, thankfully, has no counterpart in Britain; the post-colonial idea that a sausage on a lollipop stick is edible; and the constitutional right to eat cheese delivered from an aerosol can without government interference. Freedom is surely a wonderful thing. continue

Christless Christianity

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Leaning heavily upon the research of sociologists of religion such as James Davidson Hunter, and others, Horton has been able accurately to pin the tail on the evangelical donkey. continue
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