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Samuel Rutherford for the 21st Century

Article by   February 2009
But what you may not know is that Samuel Rutherford is a towering figure in Scottish theology, that he stands head and shoulders above others of his contemporaries as a theologian, a preacher, and a pastor, and that the magnitude of his literary achievements alone puts him in a category by himself. continue

No Text Please, I'm British!

Article by   February 2009
Despite the rumours, I am not a technophobe. True, I am no good at technology; but I do not particularly fear it, as I might fear, say, the revival of disco music as a popular cultural phenomenon or a government-enforced William Shatner season on Turner Classic Movies. continue

Living at the Crossroads: An Introduction to Christian Worldview

Article by   February 2009
The average Sunday School teacher of not too long ago, tasked with introducing his sleepy flock to the intricacies of the biblical worldview, tended to reduce the concept to a handful of fundamental (and only somewhat interrelated truth claims), ideas best expressed in bullet points, perhaps not explicit in Scripture but certainly implied, which demanded from the faithful absolute adherence. continue

How to Read Thomas Goodwin (1600-1679)

Article by   February 2009
If I could have $5 for every time someone has asked me the question, "Who is your favourite Puritan to read?," I suppose I'd be a wealthy man by now. continue

Reflections on Young, Restless, and Reformed

Article by   February 2009
Increasing my coverage of Reformed blogging is not the only change I would make. Readers have emerged from the woodwork to tell me about growing pockets of Reformed interest in Great Britain and among African Americans and fundamentalists. continue
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