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Rereading Paul Together: Protestant and Catholics Perspectives on Justification

Article by   January 2009
Rereading Paul Together (RPT) is a collection of essays originally presented as papers at a conference of Roman Catholic and Lutheran biblical scholars and theologians. The papers were delivered in February 2002, not long after the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the Roman Catholic Church signed the "Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification" (JDDJ). They consciously explore the JDDJ from the disciplinary perspectives of biblical studies, systematic theology, and historical theology. continue

Jesus' Blood and Righteousness

Article by   January 2009
Brian Vickers', Jesus' Blood and Righteousness, is a work of careful exegesis and synthesis that attempts to establish a biblical basis for the doctrine of the imputation of Christ's righteousness. This doctrine, so vital to the Reformation, has come under attack in recent years from a variety of critics. continue

Why Are There Never Enough Parking Spaces at the Prostate Clinic?

Article by   January 2009
One of the modern shibboleths of the evangelical church, particularly the evangelical church in the West, is that of culture.  One must be interested in culture, or one is simply irrelevant.  Books and organizations abound on Christian approaches to various... continue
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