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On Women's Ordination: A Response to Dr. John Jefferson Davis on 1 Timothy 2:12

Article by   September 2008
In August 2008, Professor John Jefferson Davis of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary posted a serial paper on the proper exegesis of 1 Timothy 2:12, titled, "1 Timothy 2:12, the Ordination of Women, and Pauline Use of Creation Narratives."  His paper... continue

The Heart of Prayer

Article by   September 2008
Now, all who trust in and love their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ desire a disciplined prayer life. However, desire and practice do not always match-up. Some believers (myself included!) often see days pass by without a regular time of private communion with God much to their shame. continue

Surveying the Wondrous Cross: New Testament Pictures for the Atonement

Article by   September 2008
In this segment we will be considering the New Testament's rich and evocative vocabulary for the work of Christ on the cross. I would suggest that there are five major word-pictures for the atonement in the pages of the NT. I wish I could claim originality in what I want to unpack here, but I stand on the shoulders of several significant giants. continue

Review: Young, Restlesss, and Reformed

Article by   September 2008
In many ways this book fulfills what George Marsden once said about history being the story of personalities, wider movements, and institutions. The mediating structures, in this case, between the key personalities and the wider movement are largely conferences, books, and the multi-media distribution of the teaching ministry of the larger churches. continue
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