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The Day They Tried to Recruit Me

Article by   August 2008
The cult of professor worship is perhaps the most dangerous and reprehensible cult in the theological world. It is no respecter of theological position, afflicting the left just as much as the right. It is no respecter of intellectual ability, as the psychology of leader-follower is predicated more on personality and relational qualities than brainpower. continue

Mary of Bethany

Article by   August 2008
esus was on his way to Calvary. He had made it increasingly a matter of conversation since the time he spoke with Peter at Caesarea Philippi (Mark 8:27-38). In this, the last week of his life, he made trips each evening to Bethany, a small town a few miles away from Jerusalem. continue

The Atonement in Context of Covenant Theology

Article by   August 2008
I have been enraptured with the cross of Christ ever since I was drawn to Christ by his Holy Spirit working faith in me over 25 years ago. Ever since then I have come to an ever increasing awareness of the centrality of the cross for the Christian faith and for my own Christian walk. continue

Review: Reformed Worship

Article by   August 2008
What makes Reformed worship distinctive? Johnson takes as his starting point John 4:24, where Jesus says, "God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." continue

Review: Gods Word in Human Words

Article by   August 2008
When the evangelical movement began not so very long ago, its one, defining doctrine that unified people from diverse ecclesiastical backgrounds was belief in the inerrancy of the Bible. continue

Review: Pauline Christology: An Exegetical-Theological Study

Article by   August 2008
Fee begins this volume with an introduction to Pauline Christology, covering issues such as: the definition of Christology, theological difficulty, the modern discussion and other basic matters continue
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