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Review of The Legacy of John Calvin

Article by   July 2008
This book nicely divides itself into three sections. The first section details ten aspects of contemporary Western culture that would have developed differently were it not for the influence of Calvin: education, mercy ministry, the abiding authority of the Ten Commandments, the distinction of church and state, collegial governance, decentralized politics, the doctrine of vocation, economics, music in the vernacular, and the power of publishing. continue

Interview with Bartel Elshout

Article by   July 2008
Derek Thomas interviews Bartel Elshout on his translation of "The Christians Reasonable Service". continue

Steady As You Go

Article by   July 2008
In the great relay race of life, one generation must pass to another the baton of faith. It must ensure that the Gospel is transferred carefully into the hands of the next group. continue

Brief Encounters: The Woman of Samaria

Article by   July 2008
They met at well, Jacob's well. It is meant to bring to mind the fact that a courting ritual had taken place at this well. Jacob's father, Isaac, sent his servant Eleazer to find a bride for his son. He found her at a well. John (the author of the story) is telling us that a wooing of sorts is taking place here too: Jesus, the great Evangelist, is wooing this woman into the kingdom of God. continue

A Little Bit of Comfort for Machen's Worrier Children

Article by   July 2008
In the fall of 2006, Christianity Today's Collin Hansen wrote an article which pointed to the fact that, for all of the hoo-hah about the Emerging/ent Church, there was a growing interest among young Christian people in America in traditional Reformed theology. If Hansen was right, then it was not Brian McLaren who was the man of the moment: more likely contenders included John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, Al Mohler and C J Mahaney. continue

Does Proverbs Speak of Jesus?

Article by   July 2008
During my seminary days I was overly enamored with Biblical Theology and Redemptive-Historical interpretation. While I continue to appreciate and employ the significant insights of these interpretive approaches to Scripture, I now realize that I went a bit overboard in my application of them, particularly with regard to my interpretation of the Old Testament. continue
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