December 2007 Archives

Confessions of a Bog-Standard Evangelical

Article by   December 2007
Recently, a fellow historian at another Christian institution commented to me about the growing number of Presbyterian prophets who make their reputations on the back of bashing evangelicalism, while at the same time being dependent upon the publishing houses and... continue

The Golden Compass

Article by   December 2007
The Golden Compass is this holiday season's uber-expensive (try $180 million) family-friendly fantasy epic. No doubt, the movie is attracting a lot of attention (and has been for the past year leading up to its release) due to what we... continue

Misquoting Truth

Article by   December 2007
When Bart's Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus hit the shelves, the media went nuts. There were NPR interviews, appearances on John Stewart's The Daily Show and the Diane Rehm Show, plus praise from the Washington Post and The Dallas Morning News. The... continue
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