October 2007 Archives

What the Bible Says about Marriage

Article by   October 2007
What the Bible Says About Marriage really is what the Bible says about marriage! Though Selvaggio limits the scope of his study to the Song of Songs and what that book has to say about marriage, romantic love, and sex,... continue

Scripture and Worship: Biblical Interpretation and the Directory of Public Worship

Article by   October 2007
The dust that can be seen swirling in the distance is the aftereffects of Richard A. Muller's scholarly avalanche. He has marshaled mountains of historical evidence to bury the various twentieth century agenda-driven "Calvin against the Calvinist" schemes devised to... continue

The Beauty of God: Theology and the Arts

Article by   October 2007
The Beauty of God contains a collection of ten essays presented at the 2006 Wheaton Theology Conference. The essays are divided topically into three categories: music, visual arts, and texts and culture. As with any collection of essays, viewpoints, perspectives,... continue
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