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Hope Springs Eternal

Article by   August 2007
Hope Springs EternalUnderstanding the TimesDerek Thomas 'Hope springs eternal in the human breast' wrote the eighteenth century poet, Alexander Pope. Platitude? Yes, but true for all that. I have to confess the lines (from An Essay on Man) come to... continue

Why and How I Teach Heresy

Article by   August 2007
 Why and How I Teach HeresyWages of SpinCarl Trueman Teaching heresy is surely one of the most important things that I have to do in my classes at Seminary. Friends will at this point throw up their hands in horror;... continue

A Sweet Flame

Article by   August 2007
Introduction Edwards is best known for his intense study life and intellectual prowess. But if one were only armed with such limited knowledge of Edwards, it could appear that he did not engage his people, opting merely for a life... continue

Knowing the Holy Spirit through the Old Testament

Article by   August 2007
The role of the Holy Spirit in the economy of salvation is to take the benefits of Christ and apply them to the elect of God and the world that Christ has redeemed. If that be the case, one might... continue

Catholic Social Teaching and the Market Economy

Article by   August 2007
This substantial book will be of considerable interest to those who have a concern for Christian social ethics and for the economic policies that may underlie it. It is also revealing for the way in which some Roman Catholics currently... continue

The Children of Hurin

Article by   August 2007
The opening of an exhibition in a fine museum is often greeted with wary warmth from discerning patrons and denizens of style. The curator who carefully guards the work of the old masters is trusted to understand and shape the... continue
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