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The First Twenty Years are the Hardest

Article by   June 2007
The First Twenty Years are the HardestWindow on the WorldPhilip Ryken   It was twenty years ago that Lisa Maxwell and I walked down the aisle at the First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a minister, I go... continue

Better than Chick Lit II

Article by   June 2007
Better than Chick Lit IIWages of SpinCarl Trueman   Last month, I devoted this column to reflecting on some of the areas of Catholicism with which Protestants can not only sympathise but from which they can learn much to their... continue

How Much Does God Know: A Comprehensive Biblical Study

Article by   June 2007
Over the last two decades there has been a radical re-thinking of the nature of God which has taken place in evangelicalism primarily due to the writings of Clark Pinnock, John Sanders, Gregory Boyd, and others. This re-visioning of... continue

The Prophets Speak of Him: Encountering Jesus in the Minor Prophets

Article by   June 2007
If you look behind some pulpits, you will find the words, "Sir, we would see Jesus." These words spoken by the Greeks, as they sought Jesus so many years ago, continue to be the cry of the people of... continue

History of the English Calvinistic Baptists, 1771-1892

Article by   June 2007
Entering deeply into the documents of the history as well as the theology of the period, Oliver contributed to a profound and comprehensively integrated vision of Baptist identity. He engaged the historical documents critically and defended his judgment that... continue
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