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Simplify Family Worship

Article by   May 2007
Simplify Family WorshipDonald Whitney   A man who is like a spiritual father to me began what he called a "family altar" with his wife before they were married, and has faithfully continued the practice through the arrival of children... continue

Beyond the Limitations of Chick Lit

Article by   May 2007
Beyond the Limitations of Chick LitWages of SpinCarl  Trueman A friend recently asked me to put down a few reflections on Roman Catholicism, whether I thought it was on the whole a good or a bad thing. The conversion of... continue


Article by   May 2007
  AtheismWindow on the WorldPhilip Ryken   You may not realize this, but there is an embattled group of religious believers in this country that is badly in need of protection from public hostility. Fortunately, help is on the way. Bestselling... continue

Brothers, Pray for the Seminaries

Article by   May 2007
We cannot overemphasize the importance of our seminaries in shaping the theology and spirit of the churches and denominations and missionary enterprise. The tone of the classrooms and teachers exerts profound effect on the tone of our pulpits. What the... continue
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