March 2007 Archives

Evil and the Justice of God

Article by   March 2007
Perhaps it is merely a question of monomania, like Captain Ahab's singular pursuit of the albino whale. Bishop N. T. Wright seems to have an incurable proclivity for all things new. His new perspective on Paul was greeted largely... continue

Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics: Foundations and Principles of Evangelical and Biblical Interpretation

Article by   March 2007
Introduction Graeme Goldsworthy's most recent publication, Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics, works to apply biblical theology to the discipline of hermeneutics with the goal of arriving at a biblical, theistic, and presuppositional approach to interpreting the Bible. After a brief introduction, the... continue

Arminian Theology

Article by   March 2007
Election, grace, predestination, bondage of the will - these will be taken by many who read this review to be concepts whose meaning is drawn exclusively from Reformed theology, from its Augustinian heritage, and (of course) from the Bible... continue

The Nature of the Atonement

Article by   March 2007
There's nothing like a good debate to stir the juices and make you think! To listen to a bunch of intellectual heavyweights slugging it out verbally is more than just spectator sport, it's a healthy exercise in personal mind-expansion. The... continue

Sneaker Seeker Sensitive Churches

Article by   March 2007
I've been preaching through Acts and have been making some references to the "meat offered to idols" issue. And it crossed my mind, "This has some bearing on sneakers and church!" Right! The connection is tenuous, to be sure. Let... continue

The Return of King Tut

Article by   March 2007
King Tut has returned--this time to Philadelphia. Having first been rediscovered in the Valley of the Kings in 1922, and having toured the world in the most popular exhibition ever in the 1970's, the treasures of King Tutankhamun are on... continue
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