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Amazing Grace (2007)

Article by   February 2007
Amazing Grace attempts to tell the story of the British MP, William Wilberforce, and his long crusade against the British slave trade. Wilberforce was born in Hull in 1759. The son of a merchant, he inherited his father's wealth when... continue

Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce

Article by   February 2007
Biographies of William Wilberforce regularly highlight his noble statesmanship and tireless efforts at reform. He is often labeled in those biographies as an activist who knew what he believed in and would not give up till he accomplished all... continue

Accompanied By Angels: Poems of the Incarnation

Article by   February 2007
If poetry has any benefit at all for the Christian (and it does), then certainly one of its more valuable functions is to show us that things are not always straightforward and simple; that our lives are both complex and... continue

Be Not Deceived

Article by   February 2007
It's been called the greatest hoax ever played on the classical music recording industry. Several years ago, a British pianist that hardly anyone had even heard of, and who had recently died, Joyce Hatto by name, had, so we were... continue

Preserving Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce

Article by   February 2007
  Rarely has one man stood up against so many opponents--or against so great an evil--for so long and with so little encouragement, before finally meeting with such a complete triumph, as William Wilberforce in his long battle against the... continue

The Derailing of Apologetics

Article by   February 2007
I remember the first time I was asked whether I was a presuppositionalist or an evidentialist in apologetics. That was on my first visit to the USA, more years ago that I care to dwell on. The questioner put me... continue
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