One Flesh

Carl is on his very best behavior today—his boss is in the house!

David Ayers is professor of sociology, and interim provost of Grove City College. He joins us, not to talk about Carl’s performance at work (which could be very interesting), but about his own recent work: Christian Marriage: A Comprehensive Introduction.

What makes this book distinctive? David addresses marriage, not simply from a philosophical perspective, but sociologically as well. He looks at the definition and the purpose of marriage, going back to God’s original design, as stated in major orthodox confessions and doctrinal standards.

Adding a bit of heat to the mix, the conversation turns to the place of children in marriage, and a few suggestions on how to make wise decisions regarding a prospective spouse. You’re also about to find out Carl’s new “suggested” title and position at the college. As always, the podcast is worth the price of admission!

We’re happy to offer you the opportunity to win a free copy of Christian Marriage: A Comprehensive Introduction. Register now! The books are a generous gift from our friends at Lexham Press.


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