The Son Who Learned Obedience

About three years ago, the Reformed quarters of the Internet were consumed with a fiery debate over the doctrine of the Trinity. Fast forward, and we find the Spin revisiting the topic today with Glenn Butner. He’s assistant professor of theology and Christian ministry at Sterling College, and author of The Son Who Learned Obedience: A Theological Case Against the Eternal Submission of the Son.

In his book, Glenn deals with the main question: Is Jesus in eternal submission to the Father, as the second divine Person of the Trinity? Or, was His submission only in His human life on earth, as a result of the incarnation? The topic is a critical one, for its implications can have a domino effect, knocking over a number of essential Christian doctrines.

Is there a problem in appealing to the doctrine of the Trinity to answer questions about the roles of husbands and wives? What roles do confessionalism and tradition play in this matter? You’re about to find out!


Show Notes

  • Council of Constantinople of 381 AD

  • Biblicism vs. Confessionalism

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