Back in the bunker, the three amigos meet with Julie Roys. Julie is the embodied combination of Sherlock Holmes and Lois Lane. She’s a longtime investigative reporter committed to uncovering the truth, and—much like Carl, Todd, and Aimee—interested in “mortifying the spin” concerning issues in the contemporary church.

Julie has achieved some notoriety for her investigative work and her latest coverage on the alleged spiritual abuse, intimidation, misappropriation of funds, etc. surrounding Harvest Bible Chapel and Pastor James MacDonald. Unfortunately, this isn’t a unique case. The fabulous four discuss the devastating effects on the Church when disqualified men remain in leadership without being confronted, and the shame it brings to the name of Christ. Join us!

Show Notes

  • Hard Times at Harvest - World Magazine article

  • The Broken Twig

  • The Elephant’s Debt

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Congratulations to the winners of "Love Came Down at Christmas" from our past episode Christmas: Non-Biblical vs. Unbiblical.

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