Century 2: Christianity at the Crossroads

The second century of the church hasn’t received much attention from historians, as it lacked what many would call “remarkable developments.” Michael Kruger disagrees. In his recent book, Christianity at the Crossroads, the RTS president fills in the gaps on how the challenges faced, decisions made, and directions taken by second century Christians were essential to the growth and future of the young church of Jesus Christ.

Professor Kruger offers examples of the political and intellectual resistance Christians faced at that time, and draws helpful parallels with the present day. Join the crew, as we discover how our faith took root in the second century.

Show Notes

  • The Collection of the Apostolic Fathers, a collection of post-apostolic writings from Ignatius, Polycarp, Papias, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Tertullian, Clement of Alexandria.
  • The Apology by Tertullian

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We think of the church now as so big and established that we forget that there was a time, from a human perspective, when it wasn’t clear if it was going to make it… There were some dark times there. - M. Kruger

The Christians found themselves distinguishing their beliefs from the broader Greco-Roman polytheistic world and a lot of the things that were going on were very similar to the kind of things that are going on in our world. Christians have to say, there is only one God, and you only worship that one God, and He made everything, and his Son is the only way to salvation, and so on… - M. Kruger


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