Small Groups, Big Benefits

After receiving some intel all the way from Belfast, two thirds of the Spin team are on a mission to solve a mystery involving the third member of the team.

When the kerfuffle is over, things get serious as they address the topic of the day–an article written by William Boekestein, "Ten Benefits of Church Small Groups".

Although some small groups can be unhelpful and even destructive, the Crew focuses on a number of the major benefits of being part of a group with good leadership and oversight. There’s always room for growth in a small church group!

Would you like to learn how you can grow in a small group setting? Follow the link and sign up for an opportunity to win a free copy of Iron Sharpens Iron: Leading Bible-Oriented Small Groups that Thrive. They are a generous gift from Christian Focus Publications.

Show Notes

10 Benefits of Church Small Groups

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Paul W. - Collegeville, PA
Doug D. - Cary, NC
Cedric P. - Dorr, MI