Pokemon Go … Away!

Are all things being redeemed … even Pokemon Go?! C'mon. We're handing out our very last Desperate Theology award and we hope the winner will take it in stride! In light of Pokemon, Carl, Aimee, and Todd sit down to talk "Hyperreality", that is, the reality that isn't. We live in a world increasingly fixated on what's fabricated. Screens have gripped our eyes and crippled the imagination. "It’s all crap and it’s destroying our souls," says one no-name Englishman. So what is reality and why do we shy away from it? You'd think it's an obvious answer, but how often do we function far from the natural created world before and around us with little awareness?

The Alliance has MP3 set that we are really excited to be giving away. It's entitled Developing a Christian Mind by James Boice. It's some of his best messages and it will help you to think biblically about our world.


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