We Are Family!

The Sledge Sisters sing about it, we are born into one, and it’s God’s idea: Family. So how does family relate to the Church and its grander mission (even the Great Commission!)? What constitutes a family, how does it reflect the image of God and … what about singles? We are joined by John McClean, Vice President of Christ College in Australia, teaches Systematic Theology and Ethics, and was a minister four years at Cowra Presbyterian Church. Dr. McClean discusses family in its biblical nature and purpose. He’s Australian so there’s an unspoken competition between the two foreigners, Carl vying he has the more appealing accent, but let’s be honest … anyone or anything sounds better than an Englishman from Gloucestershire.

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals would like to offer you a free MP3 download entitled The Covenant of Family, by Joel Nederhood. Discount is applied at checkout.