The Inside Out of The Insider Movement

The Insider Movement … what is it? Well, we've pulled out the big guns to ensure we got a good answer, and his name is Dr. David Garner. He's Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, and he's even willing to say he's friends with Carl Trueman. Aside from his charitable friendship to Carl, Dr. Garner is extremely knowledgable on the Insider Movement. He articulates a historically rich, educated response to the hosts' questions while voicing concerns the church should have about this movement. Dr. Garner also shares on the importance of attending seminary from three perspectives: seminary grad, professor, and pastor.

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David Garner's articles on the insider Movement:

1. Jennings and Garner On the PCA's Response to Insider Movements

2. Jennings and Garner First Rejoinders

3. Jennings and Garner Final Responses