Excommunication: Why? How?

Carl & Todd have really done it now. The Puppetmaster is about to pull the plug and poor Aimee appears to have gotten roped in, too. They'll undergo some serious trial and may face a mortifying …excommunication?! It could get ugly. So what do we think or even know about excommunication? It's a hard decision for a church to make and hard for any layperson to watch, let alone undergo. Yet the Bible spins it as vital, healthy, and positive. So what do you tell the congregation about discipline cases? How much is too much information? This episode is all about the how, why, and what of excommunication. As for our hosts, no need to worry. Aimee, despite being thrown under the bus, takes the brunt of the boys' malarky and coerces the Puppetmaster to mercy. The show will go on!

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