Bully Pulpit: More Canadian Bacon

Carl, Aimee & Todd find themselves in the company of a Canadian... again. Once running a fish 'n' chips restaurant, Francis VanDelden now pastors a church in Frederick, Maryland. Carl & Todd are dying to know: Does Francis regret the day Aimee Byrd cast a shadow on his church door? Listen as Francis shares his personal joys of the pastorate and the privilege it is to enter the pulpit each week. The Gang asks Francis how he shepherds an OPC "megachurch" of almost two hundred. It's a conversation that is casual, helpful, and refreshing.

If you have enjoyed this week's Bully Pulpit then check out "Devoted to the Means of Grace: The Life and Ministry of John Owen" by Jon Payne, a free audio download from the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Visit Reformed Resources to download the MP3.