Bully Pulpit: When the Pulpit is Bullied

How high should standards be for a pastor and his ministry? Do we rate his success in congregation size, fame, or by how white his teeth are? Standards can be unrealistic and unbiblical when a new pastor comes on the scene, and comparisons can foster a culture of critique and criticism. Bad pastors are a reality. However, the church has a common crisis at hand: are we firing, disrespecting, even "bullying" otherwise competent men who don't live up to our superficial standards? But what if there is a real problem with your pastor? How do you deal with it? If you are on either side of this scenario, tune in as our in-house reverends, Carl and Todd, share helpful resources and advice for both congregant and pastor. As for Aimee, she's packin' heat to keep these boys in their place – one nun-chuck for Todd and one for Carl. 

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