Extravagant Grace

Sin. Loss. Deprivation. Law. Grace. Aimee, Todd, and Carl are joined by author and counselor Barbara Duguid on this installment of Mortification of Spin. Barbara is author of the book "Extravagant Grace," and grace is the topic at hand. How are Christians to reconcile on-going, indwelling sin with Christ's unrelenting "extravagant" grace? Listen in to learn more.



Winners of Extravagant Grace by Barbara Duguid

D. Yarmosh - Charlotte, NC
S. Johnson - Ruckersville, VA
J. Hartley - Huron, OH
H. Okrafka - Cambridge, ON
D. Chia - Devon, PA
T. Strawhecker - Lincoln University, PA
M. Heatwole - Harrisonburg, VA
S. Trautman - Abingdon, MD
B. Wilson - Charlotte, NC



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