Bully Pulpit: The Business Church

How do pastors and church leaders keep themselves accountable to their congregations? What happens when a church is treated more like a business than a house of worship? Listen in to the Mortification of Spin: Bully Pulpit to hear Todd Pruitt and Aimee Byrd as they discuss the dangerous cult of personality that has taken hold of some aspects of the church at large. They give what everyone's come to expect from the Mortification of Spin - stepping on toes and taking the big guys down a few notches!

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals would like to offer you a free download of the audio message, A Fool and His Money. It seems to be ingrained in us to always want more. We want to get ahead, to make our lives pleasant and comfortable. We want to secure our future, so we prepare for retirement. It’s easy for us to be busy storing up our wealth, forgetting that we are told not to gain treasure here on earth, but rather in heaven