Trivial Fascinations

Dr. Stephen Nichols, Research Professor of Christianity and Culture at Lancaster Bible College, stops by the “studio” once again to talk with Carl and Todd.  After a rocky start they get to the point of discussion: the overwhelming cultural fascination with youth.  The gang explains how the fixation our culture places on the young and pretty is idolatrous.  And this idolatry has seeped into the church.  How are we to respond?  What is the Bible’s antidote for a youth-driven church?  What do 80s rock stars and blues music have to do with anything?  Listen to the Mortification of Spin to find out!









Enjoy this free resource from the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals!

The Christian's Responsibility to His Culture by R.C. Sproul





Youth-Driven Culture by Stephen Nichols






Getting the Blues by Stephen Nichols