Calming Liturgical Heartburn

If you get heartburn over the mention of the word "liturgy," you may find some proverbial antacid in the thoughtful conversation between our hosts on this episode of The Mortification of Spin. In fact, Carl and Todd remind us that our churches are all liturgical in one way or another - the question is whether we are basing the order and structure of our worship on Scripture or whether we're simply, shall we say, flying by the seat of our pants. Can the seat of our pants sufficiently guide us in corporate worship that is Christ-centered? If you've never opened The Book of Common Prayer, buckle up and listen're bound to learn quite a bit from this helpful podcast.


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Humble Suggestions for Reformed Worship by Richard Phillips

Rev. Richard Phillips, speaking at the 2006 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, teaches on the practice of reformed worship. This discussion is helpful for pastors and church members who desire to see our worship reformed according to the Bible's standards.


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