Anonymous Christians Anyone?

Is there such a thing as a tan Englishman? Todd and Carl debate the issue momentarily before focusing their attention on the recent news surrounded Pope Francis' universalist comments. If you're not familiar with the term "anonymous Christian" (don't worry...we weren't either), listen in and learn how the Pope's flawed theology has been plaguing the church from Justin Martyr in the 2nd century to misguided modern day teachers like Rob Bell. Is there a difference between universalism and inclusivism? What's the real problem with the Roman Catholic Church? Our hosts will answer these questions and more in this "no guest needed" edition of your favorite reformed podcast!





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We Are Beggars: Luther's Famous Last Words by Carl Trueman

This is one of the Seminar Messages from the 2012 Quakertown Regional Conference on Reformed Theology, Alone: The Solas of the Reformation. This message is brought by Carl Trueman.




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