Happiness Questing


As Todd and Carl report from "The Batcave" to offer a solemn critique of Andy Stanley's book, Deep and Wide, the hosts discuss the biblical role of the church, Jesus' example and the definition of happiness. While both the topic and their critique are serious, the musical interludes certainly are not. If you've ever wondered how the church should relate to the culture around it and what the song "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" could possibly have to do with it, you'll love this episode of The Mortification of Spin!





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Happy, Though Poor by Dr. Barnhouse

Joy is the blessing of being at peace with God, and this is by believing in Jesus Christ as one's Savior and having Him remove the burden of sin and guilt from one's life. One may be poor by the world's standards, but belonging to Jesus now and for eternity is true wealth.



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