Yes, there are false teachers...

Tim Challies has been writing a series of posts entitled "The False Teachers." They are quite good and important given the fact that the church increasingly seems to believe that the only heresy is believing that there is heresy.

Today he has posted an article on Harry Emerson Fosdick, one of the great popularizers of theological liberalism in the early 20th century.
He quickly gained a reputation as a leading Christian voice, and hundreds and then thousands descended on First Presbyterian to hear his sermons [Fosdick was a Baptist]. It was here, on May 21, 1922, that he preached the sermon that came to define him: “Shall the Fundamentalists Win?” In this sermon he proclaimed that there was a great battle in the church between the fundamentalists and the modernists or liberals, and that he was going to stand firmly on the side of the liberals. Because of his desire to modernize the Christian faith, he soundly rejected belief in a series of traditional Christian doctrines including Christ’s virgin birth, the inerrancy of Scripture, and the literal return of Jesus Christ. He decried the fundamentalists as being intolerant for demanding adherence to doctrines that science, reason, and a modern world could no longer sustain. John D. Rockefeller enjoyed this sermon so much that he had 130,000 copies printed and mailed to every Protestant pastor in the nation.
Read the entire article HERE.