Greg Beale
EDITOR'S NOTE: The article below is a surrejoinder from G.K. Beale in response to Peter Enns's published rejoinder to Dr. Beale's JETS Review Article of His Book, Inspiration and Incarnation. I thank Peter Enns for responding to my review article of his book, Inspiration and Incarnation . [1] It...
Ron Gleason
The theological world has been blessed by being the recipients of the translation of the first three volumes of Herman Bavinck's magnum opus the Gereformeerde Dogmatiek in English. As one who has read the entire 4-volume Dutch work from cover to cover 5-6 times, I can attest to the fine job of...
Justin Taylor
Brian Vickers, assistant NT professor at SBTS, has just published a revised version of his dissertation that explores Paul's theology of imputation. It's entitled Jesus' Blood and Righteousness .
Paul Helm Articles
I thank Kevin for his kind personal references, and for his lengthy response to my piece. But it doesn't get to the point, does it? Of course Kevin is not to be tarred with the brushes of Franke, Grenz and Murphy. Each has his or her own theological picture to paint. Nevertheless they and Kevin ,...
Kevin Vanhoozer
I've been reading just about everything Paul Helm writes with great enthusiasm since I first encountered his The Varieties of Belief (1973) during my days as an undergraduate. Moreover, I almost always find myself agreeing with him, even when he champions positions that are no longer popular (e.g...
Paul Helm Articles
In recent times Charles Hodge has come in for a drubbing in connection with his remarks on the nature of what he calls theological science, as these are set out in the first seventeen pages of his Systematic Theology. (See, for example, Nancey Murphy, Beyond Liberalism and Fundamentalism: How...


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