Tears for a Fallen World

We should be grieving deeply with our brothers and sisters in Turkey and China.

I say in Turkey because of the vicious torture and cruel murder of three men who were meeting for a Bible study in Malatya.  They were found on April 18, with their throats slit, at a Christian publishing house that distributes Bibles.  Two of the men are to be buried on Saturday.  The wife of the third man (the German Tilmann Geske) has courageously declared that she and her three children will remain in Turkey.  I have a special burden to pray for the children of martyred pastors, including in this case Michal Janina (13), Lukas (10), and Miriam (8).

The news from China is equally grim.  Reliable reports from the China Aid Association give eyewitness accounts of Christian women in Guangxi Province being subjected to forcible abortions, including the abortion of children who are late in the term of pregnancy.  This too took place on April 18 (also April 17)--a dark day for deadly deeds. 


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