Why Believe?

Carl and Todd are, for the first time in quite a while, recording their podcast face-to-face within the Alliance compound. Careful to remain socially distanced—not because of COVID, but to prevent any regrettable chance of human contact whatsoever—the pair welcomes Dr. Neil Shenvi to the mix. He’s a former Yale and Duke University researcher turned homeschooling father with a passion for Christian apologetics.

Of course, every new generation brings with it a fresh set of challenges for the apologist. The “new atheist” may find Christianity to be, for example, oppressive of women or impossibly judgmental. Is the Bible true, or even morally good? Our guest engages with the best contemporary arguments against the faith and provides a clear and compelling case to embrace Christ and Christianity.

Congrats to our winners of a copy of Shenvi’s Why Believe? A Reasoned Approach to Christianity:

*Annette K. of Speculator, NY   
*Brant K. from Sygnet, OH   
*Tyler H. of Colorado Springs, CO