The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity

Mortification of Spin

The team is excited to welcome an old friend and returning guest. Michael Kruger is the president of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC, and professor of New Testament and Early Christianity. He’s contributed much to the Reformed theological world with his writings about the Canon and scriptural authority. Recently, Michael has written on a more popular and ever-current topic.


The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity is a small, easy to read book that provides a cautionary look at what are, in essence, ten very appealing half-truths. Why is progressivism so attractive and persuasive? Michael talks about false dichotomies…how always assuming the best of people can sometimes be harmful…and how to discern the full system of thought an author draws from. Does Progressivism affirm that questions are more important than answers? Don’t miss Carl’s answer based on a profound quote from the movie Kung Fu!  

We are pleased to give away copies of Michael’s book. Register for the opportunity to win one. The copies are a complimentary gift from our friends at Cruciform Press.



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