The Davenant Institute: The Story of the Irenic Bridge

Brad Littlejohn and Colin Redemer join Carl and Todd for a conversation about the Davenant Institute, and to reflect on the state of education in general and of theological education in particular in the United States. You’ll learn the meaning behind the name of the institution, which was founded to solve a supply and demand problem. 

Brad and Colin believe that God’s simplicity, aseity, eternality, immutability, and impassibility are concepts that should be shared with the laity. What’s more, the Davenant duo makes a compelling case that learning is not simply a matter of utilitarianism, as it is “sold” by educational institutions today. Our guests explain the real value and purpose of education, and how they coincide with the philosophy of teaching and programs offered by Davenant Institute.

We’re partnering with The Davenant Institute to offer a few free copies of one of their publications titled Without Excuse: Scripture, Reason, and Presuppositional Apologetics. Register for the opportunity to win one.

Show Notes

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