The Celebration of Apostasy

Heaven mourns every deconversion.

Walking away from the faith is a phenomenon as old as humanity itself…but a recent “twist” has emerged in how some high-profile Christians choose to abandon their beliefs. Today, Todd attempts to school Carl on the cyber world of TikTok as the dynamic duo discusses one recent and disturbing “deconversion.”

The two are talking about Abraham Piper; he’s the son of John Piper, the well-known pastor and founder of the ministry Desiring God. Abraham has attracted a lot of attention as he uses the big platforms of social media and prominent publications to spread his personal story, mock Christianity, and profit from it all. With Abraham being just one of several influencers to publicly “deconvert” here of late, what does it say about them…about us…about the faith in general, and our fascination with “Christian celebrities? Listen and weigh in on this tragic topic.

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