Struck Down but Not Destroyed

17 points, or 33 if you land that X on a triple letter score!

Following a discussion of various conspiracy theories, bad driving, and why the Spinners will never record episodes while in a car with Aimee at the wheel…the conversation turns to the topic of anxiety. To broach the subject, the crew welcomes Pierce Taylor Hibbs. He’s the associate director of the Center for Theological Writing at Westminster Theological Seminary, and author of Struck Down But Not Destroyed - Living Faithfully With Anxiety. 

Pierce talks about his experience of living with clinical anxiety for over 12 years, about a faith crisis in the midst of anxiety attacks, and the guilt that comes with it. Is anxiety always a sin problem, or are there different kinds of anxiety caused by emotional burdens? Is there such a thing as “noble” anxiety? 

Whether you suffer from anxiety or not, this conversation will give you a good perspective on a common malady, keeping God’s glory and the Christian’s well-being in proper balance.

Show Notes

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