Should Anyone Cause These Little Ones to Stumble...

After revisiting the “trouser color” debate of 2019 (Carl claims a sort of “sartorial panache”), our hosts settle into a more serious discussion. A rather high-profile government appointee publicly displays what is—to most—a rather deplorable lifestyle. Should the Christian say nothing about what this man does in his “private life?” Or should a public servant’s behavior be held to a higher standard?

The conversation naturally moves to the public good and our obligation to the most vulnerable in society: children. Is teaching transgender issues to second graders a deplorable practice or a mere First Amendment exercise? Carl and Todd frankly address the issue and the solution only the Church can offer.

Congratulations to our winners of a copy of Laura Perry’s From Transgender to Transformed: A Story of Transition That Will Truly Set You Free.
*Lee Ann G. of Oklahoma City, OK   
*Jeff G. from Lincoln, NE   
*Michel V. from Hampton, GA


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