Presbycast and MORE in the PCA

The dispute between our hosts about which denomination is the greatest in the kingdom of God—the OPC or the PCA—might never end. Aiming to minimize any controversy and tension within the denomination, we bring in a sound-minded PCA southern gentleman to share some good news.

Brad Isbel is a ruling elder in his church, one of the hosts of the podcast Presbycast (where he’s AKA “Chortles Weakly”), and the director of MORE in the PCA, which is the topic of the day.

What is MORE in the PCA, how did it start, and what does it seek to accomplish? Brad reminds of the responsibility of churches to send their elders to participate in the General Assembly, with an eye to correcting any imbalance in representation. Listen in to learn how you can help, and how you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by MORE in the PCA

Show Notes

· More in the PCA