Knowing Sin

It's a sin.

Jonathan Edwards characterized sin as an unbearable weight that—without the securing hand of God—would inevitably drag the unbeliever down a slippery slope into hell. In recent times, however, many have reduced sin to merely “missing the mark” or “experiencing brokenness.” In his new book, Canadian PCA pastor Mark Jones helps his readers see the neglected doctrine of sin through the eyes of the Puritans rather than in the more psychological ethic of contemporary evangelical culture.

Dr. Jones joins Carl and Todd to discuss the origins of sin and how ignorance of the holiness of God has left so many Christians with such an anemic view of sin. Along the way, Mark reminds us that seeing sin for what it truly is helps the believer more fully appreciate his need for a savior and the powerful grace offered by God.

Congratulations to our winners of Knowing Sin: Seeing a Neglected Doctrine through the Eyes of the Puritans:
*Brad P. from Prattville, AL 
*Enoch C. from Cambridge, MA   
*Scott R. from Syracuse, NY

Show Note

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