Jesus Becoming Jesus Part 2

Putting his reputation at risk once again, Dr. Thomas Weinandy makes a return visit to the podcast. The topic of conversation for his first visit was Tom’s impressive work, Jesus Becoming Jesus: A Theological Interpretation of the Synoptic Gospels. The scholar and prolific author is back with the follow-up tome Jesus Becoming Jesus Volume 2: A Theological Interpretation of the Gospel of John. 

In this latest work, Father Weinandy takes an in-depth look at the historical systematic theology and interpretation of the Gospel of John–emphasizing the doxological aspect of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection and the significance of referring to Jesus as the Logos. Take note of what Thomas has to say regarding the miracles in John, and in particular, what the resurrection of Lazarus means for the interpretation of this book.

Show Notes

· Jesus Becoming Jesus - First Episode

· Does God Change? By Thomas Weinandy

· Does God Suffer? By Thomas Weinandy 

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