Forming Pastors in the Days of COVID

The emperor of California has granted Joel Kim a temporary release to join Carl and Todd for a short conversation. The gathering happens at the usual spot—in front of an Ann Taylor boutique—so that the wives may have a good time as the men whine and opine! 

Joel is the president of Westminster Seminary California, and he has some peculiar challenges ahead of him regarding the upcoming academic year at WestCal. Kim shares some of the changes the seminary made to accommodate the needs of the students, and what he’s foreseeing as temporary solutions to keep a certain level of continuity and normalcy in the months ahead. 

What does Kim think about online education? Tune in for this clear-cut conversation to hear about WestCal’s focus and commitment in forming pastors despite the challenges of COVID. 

We have copies of With All Your Heart: Orienting your Mind, Desires, and Will toward God by WestCal professor Craig Troxel that we would like to give away. Register for the opportunity to win a free copy. 


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