Confessions of a French Atheist

It’s one of the more intriguing titles one might encounter--Confessions of a French Atheist: How God Hijacked my Quest to Disprove the Christian Faith. And as our heroes settle in to discuss the book, Messieurs Trueman and Pruitt find its author to be just as engaging. No longer an atheist (but still very much French), Guillaume Bignon is an analytical philosopher and computer scientist working in New York’s financial industry. Guillaume came to faith through an unlikely series of providential meetings and conversations with Christians around the world. As the foundations of his unbelief began to crumble, Bignon discovered the wonder of a God that offers salvation freely and not by good works. Listen as the three discuss miracles, evolution, and the intersection of faith and science.

Congratulations to our winners of Guillaume’s book, courtesy of Tyndale House:

*Timm H. of Berwyn, IL
*Mark F. of Lancaster, PA
*Debby F. from Wofford Heights, CA