Church Officers and Social Media

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Todd and his “sidekick” Carl believe that they have much wisdom to dispense to the world. They’ve picked a tech-free and quiet spot nestled in among the Amish in Pennsylvania to share their thoughts on the “evils” of social media—particularly regarding church officers. Since quitting Twitter Todd’s rosy cheeks are back, his cholesterol and blood pressure are under control, and he’s grown enough hair to sport a man-bun!

In all seriousness, as Christians, do we stop and consider how we interact with others on social media? Has our behavior been irreproachable before God and man? What would our children think if they witnessed our interaction with people with whom we disagree? Is there a higher level of accountability for church officers concerning social media? Listen for Todd’s intriguing story of redemption and social media recovery, as well as Carl’s, “I told you so.” 


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