Best of Mortification of Spin - Walking Through Twilight

Mortification of Spin is on holiday in June, so we are enjoying a few powerful episodes of the podcast just one more time. In 2018, Douglas Groothuis joined the conversation. He’s professor of philosophy at Denver Seminary and had recently written a very personal book titled Walking through Twilight - A Wife’s Illness, A Philosopher’s Lament.

Groothuis reflects on his role as his wife's primary caregiver. He shares with us his personal suffering and life’s dynamics in light of her illness, the ministry of the body of Christ, and how God is glorified through it all.

How does one lament biblically? What are some practical ways in which the local church can minister to and help the suffering brother or sister? This topic is one that many of us have or will face one day. Listen closely and learn about lamentation from the tender heart of a philosopher.

Show Notes

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