Bavinck: A Critical Biography

Edinburgh, Scotland

This week, we reach “across the pond” for insight on the much-anticipated critical biography of Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck. James Eglinton, the Meldrum Senior Lecturer in Reformed Theology at New College, the University of Edinburgh, wrote the bio. Eglinton is acknowledged for his pivotal role in extending Bavinck’s popularity outside the Dutch-speaking world. 

James tells us where and when his interest in the life of Bavinck began, and what it was about the Dutch theologian that first caught Eglinton’s attention. Bavinck was a man of his day, very much attuned to modernity and its challenges, yet sensitive to the theological needs of a broad spectrum of laypeople. What more can we learn from this intriguing figure, and why should Christians care about Bavinck today? 

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