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MDB 30: Gen 45 & Job 12

Article by   February 2010
These two chapters make an interesting juxtaposition. Joseph is well out of the pit, literally and figuratively. He and the reader now have a new perspective on the trials he endured, a perspective that allows him to see God's good... continue

MDB 29: Mark 14

Article by   February 2010
In these various episodes just before the crucifixion, the disciples prove faithless in Jesus' final hour. First, we see the unnamed disciples who "indignantly" scold the woman who anoints Jesus (14:3-9). Then, of course, we're introduced to Judas' plotting to betray... continue

MDB 28: Romans 13

Article by   February 2010
Always an intriguing chapter, Romans 13 challenges us all in the way we relate to government and to the state. We need to remind ourselves of the government in place over Paul and the Christians at Rome while Paul was writing... continue

MDB 27: Mark 12 & Rom 12

Article by   February 2010
In both of these chapters we have the great commandment, the second part of the Great Commandments that is, to love one another. Paul expresses it in the middle of one of his discussions on spiritual gifts. Curiously, over in 1... continue

MDB 26: Gen 41, Job 8, Mark 11

Article by   February 2010
Genesis 41, Job 8, Mark 11, with Romans 11 Joseph, Job (chapter 7 finds him in a particularly low spot), and a fig tree (Mark 11) all have something in common. They all find themselves at varying times perplexed, awed, dismayed,... continue
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